Village Chicken, Broiler Chicken

Learning to Raise Chickens in Zambia

Village Chicken, Broiler Chicken
Backyard Poultry editor Marissa Ames and her husband travel annually to Zambia, to work with a nonprofit focusing on education and uplifting the community. The I Am Zambia academy teaches career skills to vulnerable young women. Marissa arrived in January 2019 with a twofold focus: to teach aspects of online media to the girls and to explore different agricultural avenues available to Zambian farmers. The trip resulted in a working relationship with Mr. David Daka, who heads up the educational focus of Livestock Services in Lusaka. Mr. Daka organized classes for the students, taught by veterinarian Singole Arnold, about how to start goat-keeping and a broiler chicken business.   After Dr. Singole Arnold finished a presentation detailing feed, care, and vaccination of broiler chickens from chick to sale, the girls drove to the house of student S’busiso Phiri, whose family raises broilers as income. S’busiso described how her family cares for the chickens and keeps them safe. The students then traveled to the

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