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Add to Favorites Best Bedding for Chickens I want to know how to keep broiler chickens from bedding to growth. What type of bedding doesn’t bring sneezing, coughing, and diarrhea? Clement Ngulube ************************ Hi Clement, Bedding doesn’t normally cause the symptoms you’ve described. But please enjoy the link below that describes good bedding options: What’s the Best Bedding for Chickens? – Chickens in a Minute Video The symptoms you’ve described are symptoms of illness. While the bedding itself may not cause these problems, dirty bedding can lead to sick chickens. It’s important to keep your chickens in clean litter at all times. If your litter is clean, then you may want to check with a veterinarian to see what is causing problems for your chickens. Hope this helps! ___________________  Poultry Bedding  How much bedding do my five chickens need in the summertime inside of their house?  — Kimberly Ervin  *****************  Hi

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