Ask the Expert: Odd Breeds

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Add to Favorites What Breed Is This? Photo courtesy of Kate Churchill About six months ago, I picked up a hen with five others. They were advertised as Silkies. I do not usually purchase mixed breed chickens but when we got there to pick them up, we found them and about 50 other chickens cramped into a tiny, dusty coop. We chose to take the six birds we called for out of there, and with good care, they now are very healthy. We were able to determine approximately what the breeding of the others was, but Sheila (as we call her) has us stumped. Could you tell me anything about what her breeding may be? She has five toes and feather feet. Her feathers are the type of normal chickens, not Silkies. I am quite sure she is at least a quarter Sultan, but I don’t know. Any ideas? Kate

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