Saving an American Icon — Raising Turkeys

Erin Krier is Bringing Respect Back to Raising Turkeys

Saving an American Icon — Raising Turkeys
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Christine Heinrichs, California Photos by Erin Krier Erin Krier planned to get her kids started with a dairy cow when she attended her first 4-H meeting. She left the meeting as poultry leader. Although she holds a master’s degree in crop science, she didn’t have any poultry experience. She found Jim Adkins’ Sustainable Poultry Network class and signed up. “I went to the class to learn about being a poultry leader,” she said. “I ended up becoming really interested in raising heritage poultry for the market.” Ms. Krier has been raising turkeys on her California ranch for five years. She intends to make money at it someday, but for now, it’s about more than money. She’s teaching her own kids and others about American heritage values that come with being close to the land and self-sufficient. The beauty and historic value of

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