Raising Pheasants for Profit

Raising Pheasant Chicks to Adults with the Advice of Experts

Raising Pheasants for Profit
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Poultry math is not restricted to chickens. Once you mastered layers, you may find yourself raising pheasants for profit, researching ratites, or different types of pigeons to diversify your farm. While pheasants are a wild bird and have many different characteristics than our domestic poultry, many of their husbandry requirements will seem familiar to you. We reached out to Chris Theisen, Chief Operating Officer of MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc to learn more. “Their behavior is unique and would offer a change of pace if someone was looking to do something a bit different,” Theisen explains. “People raise pheasants for a multiple of reasons, some of which include for meat, hunting, or simply to release into the wild. I have even heard of them being raised for a pet.  Given this diversity, they are a popular bird to raise which can serve a multitude of

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