Breed Profile: Black Turkey

The Black Spanish Turkey Preserves Our Ancient Heritage

Breed Profile: Black Turkey
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Breed: The Black turkey is also known as Black Spanish turkey or Norfolk Black turkey. It is a heritage variety. Origin: Wild turkeys are native to North America, but modern domestic turkeys have descended from the South Mexican subspecies. They were first domesticated by Mesoamerican cultures in Central America 2000 years ago for meat, eggs, and feathers. In the early sixteenth century, Spanish explorers noted wild and domestic turkeys, including rare black individuals among those with the more common bronze plumage. How Turkeys Traveled Around the World History: In the sixteenth century, Spanish explorers regularly took turkeys from Mexico back to Spain. Turkeys quickly spread over Europe. The Spanish and English favored black coloring, which was also popular in France and Italy. In East Anglia, England, and particularly in the county of Norfolk, this variety was developed as a meat bird, leading to
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