It’s HOT Out There!

Caring for Your Poultry in Hot Weather

It’s HOT Out There!
Add to Favorites By Dave Anderson President of American Poultry Association As summer heats up, it is a good time to think about protecting our birds from the extreme heat we can expect over the next few months. Heat can have a very detrimental effect on birds. Poultry do not sweat to provide cooling. Instead, they are cooled by blood that flows through the comb and wattles. As the warm blood circulates through the comb and other head appendages, it is cooled and returns to the interior portion of the body. In extreme heat, the head appendages cannot provide enough relief and the bird can die or, at the very least, become unproductive. I have actually witnessed birds suffering from heat stroke and it is not a pretty sight. Shade and plenty of fresh water are a must in summer. Birds can withstand some very extreme temperatures if they are

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