2015 Coolest Coops Contest Winners

First Place: Brandy Meyer — Our Chick Inn Last year for my birthday my handyman husband said he would build me a chicken coop, and that I had better start dreaming something up. No problems there! He began the build in our garage by framing a 5′ by 4′ base and then worked his way up from there. Cute picture frames became frames for windows, nesting box openings and pop doors. A repurposed vintage screen door made the perfect gate for our 9′ by 14′ chicken run. You will also find a do-it-yourself chicken swing, real branch roosting bars and a run complete with a tree and log outlined dust bath area. I think it is safe to say our girls are living the high life in their cool, A-frame home, complete with shake-shingle accents. Uptown girls. Coop Questions? Find Answers Here!Need information, ideas, and plans for the best possible chicken

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