De-Stress Your Chickens With Prebiotics And Probiotics

From Nutrena

De-Stress Your Chickens With Prebiotics And Probiotics
Add to Favorites By Tiffany Towne, Nutrena Poultry Expert There is a lot of buzz around the chicken world these days about prebiotics and probiotics. First, it’s essential to break down what these two things really are — and how they can help your chickens. It can be helpful to think of them working in the poultry digestive tract in a way that is similar to how yogurt works for humans: it helps with digestion of food and helps to keep the microflora of the gut within healthy levels. Prebiotics and probiotics are good for your birds’ digestive tracts all the time. But they are especially useful in times of stress, when the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system may get out of balance. Times to be especially vigilant include: Change of diet: changing feeds can cause subtle inconsistencies in the gut of your birds, which in turn can deplete the beneficial bacteria found there. Keeping prebiotics and probiotics in the

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