Why Hens Lay Weird Eggs

Why birds lay fart eggs, double yolkers, and other egg oddities

Why Hens Lay Weird Eggs
Add to Favorites Weird eggs are all part and parcel of owning chickens, but which egg oddities should cause concern, and which are incidental? Hens tend to pitch us a curveball in the nesting box once in a while, but not all of these weird eggs are cause for concern. Let’s look at a few common egg abnormalities, and I’ll explain why they happen, and what they mean. Weird Eggs Some egg abnormalities are external egg flaws, some are internal egg flaws, and some aren’t even eggs at all. Most times you see an abnormality in your eggs, you can likely attribute it to the hen’s environment. High heat, humidity, crowded coops, loud sounds, and other stressors can cause many of these weird eggs. Fart Eggs When young pullets start laying eggs, you may find a “fart” egg or two. A “fart,” “wind,” or “dwarf” egg is just a shell

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