The Right Stuff!

Making Sure You've Got the Poultry Equipment Your Flock Needs

The Right Stuff!
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Poultry equipment comes in many different sizes and styles, but what do you really need for your flock? Since backyard chickens became popular again, all sorts of products have surfaced in feed stores. Some of these were adopted from the commercial poultry industry, and others were created for the consumer market. Let’s see what’s worth the investment, and how much you’ll need for your flock. Feeders Feeders have evolved over the years, and many different styles are out there. There are mechanically fed trough feeders, tube feeders, gravity-fed trough feeders, and even flip-top feeders on the market today. Chain-Fed Chain-fed trough feeders are a thing of the past, but since there’s a bunch of them available in the used poultry equipment market, you may find some available to you. If it’s free or cheap, then it’s not a weak choice if you’re feeding a flock

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