Chicken Coops Special Issue — Mobile Chicken Coop

Add to Favorites Mobile Chicken Coop Padraic McGuire and Brooke Snyder, Ashland, Oregon Description: We just completed a chicken coop that we thought you folks might get a kick out of. It is our interpretation of the tiny house movement, modified to accommodate chickens rather then people. The rig is completely mobile, as it is built on the stripped frame of an old travel trailer, so it can be transported to different spots on or off our property. It also became part of Brooke’s art installation at our local university, which is what brought about her custom screen-printed wallpaper. Right now it is the home of six hens and one rooster and it is parked at the Green Springs Inn (our family business) outside of Ashland Oregon, with more chickens on the way. Photos courtesy Padraic McGuire and Brooke Snyder.   Facebook0Twitter0Linkedin0Pinterest0Email0Print1X

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