How to Make Nest Box Curtains

Laying Hens Appreciate Some Privacy to Get Their Job Done

How to Make Nest Box Curtains
Add to Favorites By Erin Phillips – DIY nest box curtains are an easy and useful addition to any chicken coop design. Maybe you’ve seen them in photos of coops before and thought they were a little ridiculous. I admit I thought they seemed a little silly myself until I found out their purpose! What’s Their Purpose? Adding curtains to your nesting boxes does add some charm, but it also serves several useful purposes in your coop. First of all, laying hens prefer a nest that feels safe and private. If your birds free range and have ever made nests out in the yard, you’ve seen this concept in action. When we find random nests, they are always tucked away, often under plants or behind shelves. Being surrounded on as many sides as possible helps protect the nest and ensure the eggs will stay safe through incubation. Adding DIY nest

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