Chicken Coops Special Issue — Haunted Chicken Coop

2014 Coolest Coops Award Winner

Haunted Chicken Coop

Ann Lero, Kansas

I built my own version of a coop I saw a picture of online. It was called a haunted coop. The walls and windows are crooked to give it a haunted feeling. All the materials used to make the coop are recycled except the wood screws, hinges, and door handle. The lumber came from an old hog barn I helped take down. I took a walk through a nearby wooded area and gathered vine to use in the window, steps and porch of the coop. I also decided to make a swing out of the vine to hang on the porch of the coop. With the leftover lumber I then built a small out house that is actually a feeder!

Chicken Coop Ideas
Photos courtesy Ann Lero.

Chicken Coop Ideas

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