Cooper’s Roost

Coop Inspiration

Photos and Story by Lacy Cooper

Our Cooper’s Roost is built entirely from scratch by my husband, Greg Cooper, using spare rough-cut wood left over from renovating our 100-year-old barn. The coop measures 4′ by 8′, with three roosts, two nest boxes and a linoleum droppings board for easy cleaning. There is an interior locking screen door, so the solid outer door can be left open to allow for extra ventilation on warm days, which our Alabama birdies really seem to appreciate! The run is 6′ by 8′ surrounded by half-inch hardware cloth. I made colorful grit and calcium dispensers and mounted them inside the run for a touch of practical whimsy. The roof is corrugated tin.


Cooper's Roost
















Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop
External feeders and good ventilation allows the chickens to stay cool in the summer.


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