Chicken Coops Special Issue — Cozy Cottage

Chicken Coops Special Issue — Cozy Cottage

Cozy Cottage Coop

Cindy Waters, Wisconsin

We set out to make a coop that was good enough for us to live in. If it’s good enough for us, the girls will love it!

The Cozy Cottage Coop sports a front porch with functional Dutch door, a “people sized” side door, and a guillotine chicken door with mechanism fully enclosed within the insulated walls.

We also have tilt-out windows, vaulted ceilings and lapboard interior walls that are painted sky blue with grass hand painted all around the borders. We want our girls to feel like its spring, even through the long Wisconsin winter!

Feeders are wall mounted with a cool flip up roof and we use a contaminant free watering system by “The Chicken Waterer” to keep the nasty stuff out.

Six nesting boxes are made from five-gallon pails mounted in a wood housing with straw bedding.

The coop is fully wired with lights on a timer and outlets so we may use a water heater in winter.

We often have guests remarking they would be happy to spend the night in the Cozy Cottage Coop with the girls!

Cozy Cottage Coop Cozy Cottage Coop Cozy Cottage Coop

Photos courtesy of Cindy Waters

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