Coop Inspiration 12/1 — The Coop de Ville

Reader Submitted Chicken Coop Ideas

Add to Favorites By Scott and Angela Dye, Oregon Here are a few photos of a very unique chicken coop that my husband and I just completed. We retrofitted a 1960s horse trailer, complete with white wall tires, into a coop that houses seven hens. The Coop de Ville has become a destination on our property for family, friends and neighbors to enjoy and we love to share them with Backyard Poultry readers. The “girls” are quite spoiled. I make them a green salad most every day, and they are allowed to free range a few days a week as well. Our old coop and run was very exposed to predators and we have our share of great horned owls lurking around, so we decided to basically create Fort Knox to protect them. We have three Welsummers, two Jersey Giants, one Barred Rock and one Buff Orphington — all named

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