Local Students Connect With Farm Life by Adopting Chickens

Strong By Name And Mission — Strong Family Farm

Local Students Connect With Farm Life by Adopting Chickens
Add to Favorites By Quinn Eurich, Connecticut The barn is a sturdy 135 years old, the bales of hay are from the previous year, and the families sitting on or around them in chairs are mostly new to the Strong Family Farm’s Adopt-a-Chicken program. A couple of the kids have returned again this year as volunteers, and managing the check-in station are two students from the Agricultural Education Program at Rockville High School in Connecticut, where they’re required to volunteer at a nonprofit of their choice provided it deals with a type of animal husbandry or plant field. And, of course, there are this year’s star attractions: two dozen pullets and one rooster, all part of a variety pack obtained from the Murray McMurray Hatchery. In front of the group, telling a chicken joke that elicits blank stares from the smallest learners and a few groans from the adults is

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