Are Chickens Good Pets for Homeowners?

The Best Dual Purpose Chickens Can Be Pets and Food Producers!

Are Chickens Good Pets for Homeowners?
Add to Favorites Why would anyone ask, “Are chickens good pets?” Aren’t chickens kept for fresh eggs and meat? If you’ve never owned a small flock of backyard chickens, that might be your response. However, any of us who have raised flocks of chickens know with certainty that some chickens become more than egg layers. They become pets. When possible, homeowners are keeping chickens for the fresh eggs, insect reduction, and companionship! But as with any pet, the needs of the chicken must be met. Chickens may be good pets but they aren’t usually kept as house pets. As with other livestock-type pets, chickens don’t like being the only one, so a small flock of three or more is optimal. After you acquire your flock, they will need healthy food, fresh water, and a home of their own in your backyard. Make sure that your town or county allows backyard

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