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We love when guest writers stop by to share their knowledge and love of raising poultry. Take a minute to learn something new from an experienced poultry keeper!
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What is Custard and Where is It From?

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple bowl of goodness like egg custard to wash away the worries and stresses in life. But what is custard?

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Turkeys by the Dozen

I really don’t know why Mother decided to raise turkeys.
Mothers and fathers often gave up their own dreams to see that the dreams of their children came true. Perhaps, in some ways, the Great Depression brought out the best in everyone.

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Roosty the Rooster

I consistently avoided roosters for a long period of time. There never was, nor would there ever be, a need for them … or so I thought.

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Fluffy – the Little Hen that Could

We wouldn’t be so rich in eggs if it weren’t for our best producers, Henny and Penny, who like clockwork regularly lay extra-extra-large eggs every morning. But Henny and Penny wouldn’t have been part of the flock if it weren’t for our smallest, most timid, and least productive hen — Fluffy.

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9 Lesser-Known Facts About Chickens and Ducks

Do chickens have tonsils? Can chickens get rabies? How do ducks mate? Do questions about these facts about chickens ever keep you up awake at night?

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How Keeping a Green Iguana Can Help a Poultry Flock
August 5, 2020 · · Coops

Add to Favorites By Johnathan David of Everything Reptiles Green iguanas have become a popular pet due to their bright colors and bold personalities. Indigenous to South America, this species …

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My Automatic Poultry Waterers

I’ve tried several different designs for a poultry watering device that I don’t have to fill manually every few days. I wanted a system that would fill automatically and keep the water clean and did not cost an arm and a leg.

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Get to Know the Cream Legbar: A Beautiful Blue Egg Layer

In the past few years, a number of new and exciting chicken breeds have been imported into America, but none more than the Cream Legbar chicken has captured the imagination of America’s poultry hobbyists.

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Coping with Losing a Chicken

Yes, you read the title of this article correctly. Special people like us who do love their chickens like family members, occasionally losing one or more of our feathered friends. Whether it is from the ravages of time or predators, it feels like the end of the world.

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Walking Tall

There are so many interesting things the legs can teach us about bird anatomy and because there are many issues that might affect your chickens’ legs and are easily treatable if you know what to look for.

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