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Add to Favorites Peafowl Health Question Ten percent of our young peafowl come down with a respiratory disease, where they are opening their mouths and acting like they can’t breathe adequately and often have swelling below their eye behind their beak. They make gurgling coughing sounds or what I might call honking coughs or sneezes. I have attempted treating them with an injection of penicillin. To no avail. What might you suggest? What is it? Richard Joens, Iowa ****************** Hi Richard, There are a number of things that can cause respiratory disease in poultry.  That makes it difficult to know what to do, because some can be treated and some can’t. Since you mentioned the swollen areas, which are likely swollen sinuses, that may narrow it down a bit.  Often, swollen sinuses are a sign of chronic respiratory disease, caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum (MG).  This is a bacterial disease, but

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