Ask the Expert: Geese

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Ask the Expert: Geese
Add to Favorites Poultry Watering Cups Will geese drink from poultry watering cups? The small red cups with the yellow plunger.Thanks, Chuck *********************************** Hi Chuck, While I want to say yes, because geese are so smart, your flock may be different. One of our writers tried it with her flock and the result was frustration and hilarity. I would say try it … but keep a backup method in case your geese are an exception. Be sure the cups are deep enough for geese to wash food from their bills. Good luck! Marissa _________________________________ Goose Egg Facts How old must a goose be to lay an egg? Must it be fully feathered? Or does a double yolker duck egg look like a goose egg? Thanks! Abner, Pennsylvania ************** Hi Abner, Normally, a goose will lay eggs the spring after she hatched, so she will be close to a year old. Some

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