Poultry Summit 2019

Poultry leaders confer on issues. Waterfowl, turkeys get special attention.

Poultry Summit 2019
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Poultry leaders from all perspectives of Standard and exhibition poultry — conservation, production, hatchery, poultry science, state and federal regulation — came together at a Poultry Summit in August to unite on supporting poultry. They emerged with a will to collaborate and work together to help each other in the greater good of poultry success.  “We chose a group of less than 20 people, decision-makers, long-time breeders, judges, university people,” said Jeannette Beranger, senior program manager for The Livestock Conservancy, which organized the meeting. “It’s the first meeting of its kind, bringing all to the table, people who are not usually connected like this.”   The Livestock Conservancy led  The Livestock Conservancy organized the two-day meeting, at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm in Little Rock, Arkansas. The invited participants included American Poultry Association president John Monaco and APA judges and breeders Dick Horstman, Bart Pals, and Tim Bowles, Bud Wood,

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