Poultry Bones

Avian skeletons are unique and complex structures.

Poultry Bones
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Avian skeletons, including those found in songbirds, gallinaceous birds such as chickens and turkeys, and most waterfowl are unique and complex structures. Made up of several types of boney material, a bird’s skeleton serves many purposes. It provides a framework for the rest of the muscles and other tissue to anchor, allowing the bird to stand, walk, or fly. Specialized hollow bones, known as pneumatic bones, dramatically lessen the overall weight, making flight easier. In some flying birds, the hollow bones are also part of the respiratory system, increasing oxygen storage and processing capability for flight. Other specialized bones in female birds, known as medullary bones, act as calcium reservoirs and actually supply calcium for eggshell formation. The skeleton also acts as an integral part of the mineral and pH-balancing system (mineral homeostasis) for both birds and mammals.  Types of Bone Structure Found in Poultry

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