My Experience with Ascites (Water Belly)

There are three major causes of a distended stomach in a bird.

My Experience with Ascites (Water Belly)
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Most of us who raise ducks know how much they love to forage and spend time outdoors. They are hardy birds who prefer to play in the rain, don’t mind the snow, and can even tolerate thunderstorms and falling sleet without hesitation. Imagine my surprise when I found that one of my Welsh Harlequin hens, Chamomile, was reluctant to leave her coop. She didn’t follow her flock-mates outdoors at the opening of the barn stall on this particular day. Instead, she simply laid down. I did a quick visual exam to make sure all was well and she had no apparent signs of injury or stress. She was a favorite of our drakes, so I figured that perhaps she was keeping herself hidden to gain a little peace and quiet. I never imagined it was something greater and that we were on a one-way street

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