Test Your Soil to Keep Your Poultry Safe

Know What Metals and Minerals Your Flock is Digesting

Test Your Soil to Keep Your Poultry Safe
Add to Favorites At first, we thought maybe our duck had hurt her leg when we weren’t looking. Eight months old and full of energy, Puff, an adorable Buff Orpington, never seemed to mind when my middle-schooler carried her around or plopped her into the coop. That must have been when it happened, I told the vet, but the doctor thought we should run tests anyway. Just in case. It’s true our hen hadn’t been her usual perky self for a few weeks. Her feathers looked bedraggled and her eyes not quite as bright. A newbie duck owner at the time, I didn’t have much basis for comparison but, new or not, I had raised this bird from 2 days old and she really did seem off. No reason to call a vet, though, until she started limping. The lab ran a panel of blood work for the usual signs

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