Artist Barbara Shaw makes Beautiful Poultry Portraits

Immortalising chickens in textiles

Artist Barbara Shaw makes Beautiful Poultry Portraits
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes If seeing chickens depicted in art makes you smile, you’ll love the work of Barbara Shaw, an artist from Buckinghamshire, England. She creates images of wildlife and farm animals, using small scraps of fabric overlaid to create wonderful textures and scenes. Two of her latest creations, a cockerel and a turkey, have received such flattery on social media, she’s inspired to do more. “There have been so many positive comments and great feedback, I shall certainly stitch more chickens!” she says. Her new turkey portrait was finished just in time for Christmas!  I first spotted Barbara’s work while browsing Twitter and was intrigued. She’s appeared on television in the UK, showing youngsters how to turn rags into beautiful works of art, and she exhibits in art galleries and museums across the country. “I’ve been Artist-in-Residence at two grand country houses, and had work

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