How to Paint Feathers

When chickens losing feathers is the start of something beautiful...

How to Paint Feathers
Add to Favorites Ryan McGhee learned how to paint feathers and now uses his wildlife portraiture to bring attention to endangered species. Ryan has lived on his one-acre homestead in Tampa, Florida for six years. During this time, he has heavily mulched the grass yard with free tree trimmings. Now fruit-bearing trees, including various bananas and citrus, moringa, chaya, katuk (Sauropus androgynus), loquat, pomegranate, jackfruit, peanut butter (Bunchosia argentea), and miracle fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum) trees grow where sandy soil once laid unproductively. He has planted perennial edible greens in a permaculture style around the property and added a greenhouse. McGhee can be seen working in the yard every weekend.   During his first year on the homestead, he added a flock of chickens and ducks. During molting season, he questioned what he could do with the byproduct of the feathers. Today, feathers from molting chickens are used for pillow stuffing, diapers, insulation, upholstery padding, paper, plastics, and feather meal. Some homesteaders even sell ornate

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