Poultry Feed For Molting Season

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Poultry Feed For Molting Season
Add to Favorites During the fall molting season, your chickens will begin to lose their feathers and grow in new ones in preparation for the upcoming cold weather. Old, broken and dirty feathers don’t protect them from the winter chill like nice new feathers do. When it gets cold, a chicken will fluff its feathers, trapping the warm air underneath and against her body to stay warm. A new set of feathers fluff better and will keep your chickens warmer. The molt can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, with your better layers tending to molt very hard and fast, while your poor layers often taking their sweet time about it and any loss of feathers hardly even noticeable. A molt always follows the same pattern, starting at the head, then working its way down the neck, across the back and breast, and then finally to the wings, tail and rear. Some chickens will continue to lay through the beginning stages of their molt, then taper off, needing

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