It’s All About the Heat!

Learn the Best Temperatures for Chicks and When to Get Them Outdoors

Add to Favorites Can you list the five things you need to raise healthy chicks in a brooder? Food, water, bedding, grit, heat. The first four are simple but the fifth gets complicated. Mimicking the warm protection of a mother hen means keeping babies at an optimal temperature, which changes week by week until they are ready to stay outside for good. And adding supplementary heat is not optional. From hatching day to that first night spent in the coop, monitoring and providing the right temperatures for chicks makes the transition smooth and keeps babies healthy. Do chickens need heat in winter? Only the babies, and only for a short time. But how long do chicks need a heat lamp? Comfortable human homes are 20 to 30 degrees too cold for chicks. The ideal temperature for chicks, seven days old or younger, is 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Week two is 90;

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