Setting Up Your Outdoor Chicken Brooder

Convenient Outdoor Brooder with or without Chicken Brooder Plans

Setting Up Your Outdoor Chicken Brooder
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Everyone needs an outdoor chicken brooder, and I’ll tell you why. I can’t stand having chicks in my house. There, I said it. I said what everyone wants to say but won’t say. The dust, the smell of chick poop (mostly when they are older), and the peeping just isn’t the most convenient thing. The cute chick stage from hatch to about seven days old is just fine. It’s when they reach the “I want to fly out of the brooder and poop all over everything” stage that simply isn’t for me. So, we created an outdoor chicken brooder. What we didn’t realize is that we could utilize this brooder for so many other things as well! When you’re not using it for chicks, you can use it for a sick hen, a broody hen, and even a quarantine area. The best part

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