Holiday Treat Garlands For Chickens

Pick Red and Green Foods and Alternate the Colors as Your String Them

Holiday Treat Garlands For Chickens

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‘Tis the season to string popped corn and cranberries and hang them on the trees outside for a tasty winter treat for the wild birds. While you’re at it, why not make some edible treat garlands for your chickens too? They are a great project to do with kids, a wonderful way to keep your chickens busy during the long, cold winter days, and look so festive!

You can use a wide variety of foods for your garlands. Try to pick lots of red and green foods and alternate the colors as you string them. Some festive, nutritious ideas your chickens will love include:

Radishes – raw

Beets – raw or cooked

Cranberries -fresh or dried

Cherry Tomatoes

Baby Carrots – raw or cooked


Green beans – raw or cooked

Peas – fresh or frozen

Brussels Sprouts – raw or cooked

Hard-boiled eggs

Popcorn – air popped, no salt or butter



String radishes, Brussels sprouts hardboiled eggs and other treats for your chickens.
String radishes, Brussels sprouts, hardboiled eggs, and other treats for your chickens.

I use a darning or embroidery needle to make the garland and use a nice strong twine so it doesn’t break. And you want to be sure you secure it at both ends to the run fencing and then remove the string once the treats have been eaten to prevent it from possibly becoming a choking hazard. For the harder veggies like radishes and Brussels sprouts, I find it’s easier to string them if you pre-drill a hole with a small drill bit.


Use your imagination and make your flock some festive garlands this winter!

Originally published in 2014 and regularly vetted for accuracy.

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