A DIY Chicken Cone Harvesting Station

Make the Perfect Work Station for When You Learn How to Slaughter a Chicken

A DIY Chicken Cone Harvesting Station
Add to Favorites Whether you are trying out raising meat chickens or you just have a few birds from your laying flock that you’d like to stew, a chicken cone is a basic tool to have on hand and it can be made quite cheaply. Our first experience with harvesting chickens came when we had our first mean rooster. Learning Experiences That first harvest, we were a little scattered. Our chicken cone was made by cutting a hole in a piece of plywood to drop the traffic cone down into. It simply hung out over my husband’s workbench, anchored down on one end by something heavy. A bucket underneath caught some of what fell but really it was a mess. Because it was up so high, the bucket didn’t catch nearly everything. Then we brought the bird over by our house for the plucking and dressing. Here are some lessons

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