3 Herbs to Heal and Prevent Chicken Respiratory Infections

...because no one wants to hear their chicken wheezing.

3 Herbs to Heal and Prevent Chicken Respiratory Infections
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes Many herbs have been proven time and time again to heal respiratory issues. Some studies have even been done on chicken respiratory infections! Chickens can contract a lot of different ailments and diseases, but we often don’t freak out about it too much until we start talking about respiratory infection in chickens. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different respiratory ailments when it comes to chickens. And more often than not,  a chicken respiratory infection can be a quick and dramatic killer of your beloved flock.  Chickens are so easily susceptible to contracting respiratory infections, but often you don’t notice them until it’s too far gone. This is why it is extremely important to prevent respiratory infections from happening before they begin. We accomplish this by offering natural herbal supplements into our chicken’s feed and water.  Rest assured, however. Not all sneezes and chicken wheezing is a
One thought on “3 Herbs to Heal and Prevent Chicken Respiratory Infections”
  1. What is the recommended amount for each of these herbs? I have a mixed flock of 60 chickens and 6 ducks. With cold weather at night already here, I’d like to be able to add some to give them a boost. Nearly all my 2-4 year old girls (1/2 my flock) are in some stage of molt so they really need some extra help to stay healthier.

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