Selling Eggs as a Business on the Homestead

Profitable Small Farm Ideas for the Modern Homestead

Selling Eggs as a Business on the Homestead
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes There are chickens in the backyard, eggs all over the kitchen, and you might be thinking, “Maybe it’s time to start selling eggs.” Or, maybe you’ve been trying to have an egg business for a while and it’s just not taking off like you thought it would. Either way, there’s sometimes a right and wrong way to have a successful egg business. If you’re getting ready to dive into selling eggs, or if your business just hasn’t taken off surpassing your coworkers and family members, then you might want to think about a few things that will help you be successful! Start with Beautiful Eggs You know the old saying that something won’t “sell itself” or “clean itself?” I can hear my grandmother saying it to this day, “Well, the dishes aren’t going to clean themselves!” The same goes for the chicken eggs

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