Breed Profile: Bresse Chicken

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Breed Profile: Bresse Chicken
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Breed: Bresse chicken is a legally protected name of fowl raised within a defined area of 60 by 25 miles (100 by 40 km) in France. Breeders achieve its label of origin by following defined feeding and management practices. It is the combination of the breed, feeding method, and free-range foraging on local terrain that gives this bird its famous gourmet status. When raised outside this area, the breed is called La Gauloise or Bresse-Gauloise. In some countries, it is also given a national designation, such as the American Bresse chicken. Ready to Start Your Flock?Our poultry experts have put together this FREE guide to help you get started.YES! I want this Free Report » Origin: Known as a farmyard bird in the eastern French province of Bresse between the river Rhone and the Jura mountains for at least 400 years. Bresse chickens

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