Is Poultry Processing Equipment Rental a Viable Option?

Chicken Pluckers and Other Equipment Make Processing Day Easier

Is Poultry Processing Equipment Rental a Viable Option?
Add to Favorites By Doug Ottinger – A challenge small poultry producers face bringing their products to market is staying in compliance with health laws. Poultry processing equipment rental may be an option to help navigate federal, state and local laws. Fortunately, there are some allowances under federal law for small farms and individual producers of slaughtered poultry. In a nutshell, small poultry farmers, who produce poultry for market, can slaughter and sell within their own states, up to one thousand birds, per year, exempt from Federal oversight and inspection. However, state laws vary so they should be researched first. Some have few restrictions as long as the slaughter areas and methods used are sanitary. Others, such as Massachusetts, Kentucky, and Connecticut, have more stringent regulations. There are some quirks in the Federal 1,000-bird exemption statute. Each chicken or duck counts as one bird. However, each turkey or each goose

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