A Golden Find — Goose Egg Recipes

Goose Eggs are Big, Rich and Hard to Locate

A Golden Find — Goose Egg Recipes
Add to Favorites Photos and Story By Janice Cole, Minnesota Goose eggs are precious. It turns out that finding goose eggs can almost be as hard as finding a golden egg. The reason? Geese lay eggs seasonally starting about March (depending on where you live) and running through June. That’s it. Their eggs are laid strictly for reproduction. Most farmers I talked to in my area were not interested in selling their goose eggs for cooking. They were keeping the eggs for incubation as the profit in raising geese turns out to be in meat, not eggs. However, if the farmers can’t find buyers interested in incubation they will sell their excess eggs for cooking. And if you find them, my advice is to grab them — at any time and at any cost — they’re that good! Goose eggs are a big deal. Not only are they larger than

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