Cooking With Every Part of a Chicken

From Beak to Tail to Claw — Recipes That Use Every Part of the Chicken, from Skin to Fat to Liver to Gizzards When Cooking

Cooking With Every Part of a Chicken
Add to Favorites Photos & Story By Janice Cole, Minnesota “Waste not want not” is the new mantra for today’s trend-setters. Food waste is a hot topic and progressive chefs are leading the public in practicing responsible cooking. From utilizing entire vegetables starting with leafy green tops to peelings, all the way down to the tip of the roots, veggie pulp from juicing, along with lesser-used and unmentionable animal parts, chefs such as New York’s Dan Barber of Blue Hill and Blue Hill Farm are even staging pop-up restaurants featuring what was once tossed into the trash can. It all started with nose-to-tail cook-ing, popularized by London chef Fergus Henderson and his restaurant St. John. Steeped in rural tradition, Henderson gained a worldwide following by utilizing everything from hog cheeks to trotters. These chefs are not inventing something new, though; they are simply rediscovering an ancient way of cooking and eating.

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