What is a Chicken Gizzard and Chicken Crop?

What are Chicken Gizzards and What do They Do?

What is a Chicken Gizzard and Chicken Crop?
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes Some of the most popular questions for new poultry keepers are: what is a chicken gizzard, what is a chicken crop, and where are they located? Chicken, poultry, and wild birds do not have teeth. How is food is broken down and absorbed into the chicken’s body?   To keep poultry, one needs to understand how the digestive system works. As we know, the beak is used to pick up and tear apart feed, vegetation, bugs, and smaller rodents and snakes. A small amount of saliva and digestive enzymes mix with the feed as it leaves the mouth and enters the esophagus on the way to the crop.  From the crop, the food moves to the glandular stomach, also known as the true stomach. It then exits the true stomach and reaches the gizzard.   Now that you know the layout of the digestive system

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