Broken Arrow Farm

Pastured Poultry in Northeast Wyoming

Broken Arrow Farm
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Kendra Paulton  Paul and Bailey Eitel of Newcastle, Wyoming are no strangers to hard work, ingenuity and agricultural opportunity. Their passion for farm-to-table wholesome food products has driven the genesis of their poultry operation, Broken Arrow Farm, where they raise and harvest over 800 fryer chickens for their local community each year.  Paul grew up on a family ranch in northwest Nebraska, where his family raised Simmental cattle and grew wheat and alfalfa. His father was always looking for ways to diversify and eventually started an elk operation near Crawford, Nebraska. Paul developed his love for poultry during his 10 years as an active 4-H competitor. “I showed everything from hedgehogs to market steers,” he laughed. Chickens were his main focus, however, and he even hatched out a lot of his chicks with an incubator.  Bailey also has her roots in agriculture through 4-H opportunities. “I grew up

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