Songbird Netting on My Chicken Run Was a Mistake!

Birds bring out the best and worst in me!

Songbird Netting on My Chicken Run Was a Mistake!
Add to Favorites by Kim Ellsworth I enjoy listening to songbirds chirp their chorus while I pretend like I’m a Disney princess, but when their thievery puts a dent in my wallet, then I get angry.  Those little chirpers have an opportunistic side when it comes to food and, while that certainly doesn’t compare to my hens scratching up my plants for one measly worm, being the target of robbery is something I just can’t tolerate.  After months of buying chicken food like it was going out of style and serving up steak prices on a farmer’s budget, something had to be done.   I caved and bought songbird netting; I was ready to starve those little thieves out!  The Birds Kept Getting In  My chicken run is composed of wood fencing on one side and chain link fencing on the other. The roof is also a mix-up of wood and poultry wire, so I figured that I only needed

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