Mammy’s Coop: Coolest Coops Voters’ Choice Winner

Mammy’s Coop: Coolest Coops Voters’ Choice Winner

Coop Name: Mammy’s Coop
Owners: John and Susan Marek
Location: Bellville, Texas

After researching numerous chicken coop designs, we found our perfect fit. Our chicken coop design is inspired by the “Mammy’s 1895 Chicken Coop” which is still standing today in Kentucky. We chose this design because of its aesthetics. The design fits right in with our small town Texas neighborhood. We love the design for its ability to house multiple chickens. This spacious coop allows us to house our 24 happy chickens (with room to add more). There is ample room for them to stretch their wings and to roost comfortably. This design is ideal for protecting our chickens from predators and adverse weather conditions. The built-in ventilation incorporated in the coop’s design is ideal for keeping the chickens cool during the Texas summer heat. We love that we can walk into this spacious coop. This design makes cleaning and maintaining the coop a breeze.

To top off the interior design of our coop, we hung an old chandelier that we discovered in the attic of our 1908 house.
Inside the coop, we added cypress siding, which was refurbished from an old 1860s Texas Smoke House. The roosting poles also come from the 1860s Texas Smoke House; these poles were used for smoking the meat back then.

Some of our special features include our coop’s cistern, which we use to provide water for our chickens. We are currently in the process of equipping the cistern with an automatic watering system for the chickens.

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