One Rooster Too Many?

Keeping Peace in a Flock With More Than One Rooster Takes Strategy and Patience

One Rooster Too Many?
Add to Favorites By Gail Damerow Some chicken keepers have more than one rooster by design, others by accident. If you hatch your own chicks, or you purchase straight-run chicks from a hatchery, at least half of them will grow up to be roosters. Even when you purchase sexed pullets, some of them may turn out to be roosters. Of course, if you live where roosters are not allowed, that’s the end of the story. Any that accidentally come your way must be either rehomed or relegated to the freezer. Your hens can get along just fine with no roosters at all. On the other hand, where roosters are allowed, having one or more in the flock is half the fun of keeping chickens. And if you intend to hatch your own chicks, you absolutely need a rooster — at least until the fertilized eggs are in an incubator or under a hen. Roosters can be tough on hens. And when a flock has more than one, aggression

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