Olandsk Dwarf Chickens

Raising an Ultra-Rare Chicken Breed

Olandsk Dwarf Chickens
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Raising ultra-rare chicken breeds, for example, the Olandsk Dwarf, can be a result of seeing a beautiful chicken that your friend is raising, and deciding to give them a try. At least that’s what happened in my case. My friend introduced me to the rare Swedish breed, Olandsk Dwarf chicken, three years ago. He explained the benefits of the breed, one of which was the price you could ask for fertile hatching eggs. I was intrigued. Olandsk Dwarf chickens are a true dwarf chicken. This means that they are not a miniature version of a full-size breed as you have with Bantam breeds. Originally this small breed was found on the small island called Olands, off the coast of Sweden. This lightweight landrace breed displays a beautiful combination of red, black, gray, brown, and white multicolored feathers. Each of our chickens had a

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