When Breaking a Broody Hen is Necessary

5 Reasons to NOT Let Your Hen Hatch Eggs!

When Breaking a Broody Hen is Necessary
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes I have raised poultry for the past six years, and I’ve had my share of broody hens. What I’ve learned is this: people love seeing photos of mother hens and chicks. A fluffy chick, duckling, or turkey poult with its mother melts the human heart.  The ability to raise mother hens and chicks together is a process which we truly appreciate on our homestead. I also love sharing this experience with others. However, the experience isn’t always perfect, making it necessary to prevent a broody hen from hatching out eggs. Shocking, I know.   I often hearing from individuals that it’s unfair to prevent a broody hen from hatching eggs. I am told more times than not, “Just give your broody hen eggs.” I shake my head and remind myself that these individuals may not realize why it is necessary to break a broody hen. And I can promise you, it’s not because we

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