Crèvecœur Chicken: Conserving a Historic Breed

The Livestock Conservancy works to preserve the Crèvecœur chicken,

Crèvecœur Chicken: Conserving a Historic Breed
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Heritage chicken breeds are being lost. The senior breeders that kept them, the show circuit where they exhibited, farmers who kept flocks, and consumers who sought them out for the difference in meat and eggs, have declined as society has changed. Market pressures are against the traditional breeds, which mature more slowly than commercial and hybrid cousins. It takes focus and will to bring rare historic breeds back to popular use.   Ready to Start Your Flock?Our poultry experts have put together this FREE guide to help you get started.YES! I want this Free Report » Jeannette Beranger and The Livestock Conservancy are doing that. The Conservancy champions all livestock, but Ms. Beranger, as program manager, has taken a special interest in poultry. After success with the Buckeye, she is now working with the Crèvecœur chicken.  Buckeyes first  The Buckeye chicken project started in 2005. Don Schrider, an accomplished breeder who was then on TLC’s staff, led

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