Phenomenally Hardy Traits Found in Backyard Chicken Genetics

Local Heritage Breed Chickens Most Suitable for Backyards and Smallholders

Phenomenally Hardy Traits Found in Backyard Chicken Genetics
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes Are you looking for a hardy, fertile, long-living, and productive flock? Local backyard chickens have long proven to remain productive and healthy for longer in outdoor conditions. They even forage for the majority of their feed. Heritage breed chickens possess unique genetic resources. These give them a survival advantage in their place of origin. These birds fare best when free ranging, whether in American backyards or rural villages in Africa. Some possess amazing abilities to resist or recover from diseases. Some can survive illnesses that seriously threaten poultry farming. Such traits have inspired a number of studies into chicken genetics to discover their secrets. Sadly, many heritage chickens are now rare breeds. Nevertheless, our future depends on us preserving such unique chicken breeds. Chicken Genetics Studies and Worldwide Collaboration During the last decade, scientists have got together to study locally adapted backyard chickens

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