Ask the Expert: Chicks

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Ask the Expert: Chicks
Add to Favorites Peroxide or Not? We have some chicks that are about four to five months old, I think. They got pecked on the neck and head. We have them inside in a blanket and we put peroxide on the wounds. Is there anything else we should do? Julia Donoso, New York *****************  It sounds like you’re taking good care of the chicks.  The peroxide is probably good at first, but it can slow tissue regrowth and healing, so I wouldn’t continue to use it. Chickens’ high body temperature (usually around 106 degrees F) helps keep infections down, so they should be okay. Reintroducing them to the flock can be a challenge. Sometimes putting them across a fence so they can interact with each other, but can’t attack, can be helpful.  A cage or pen within the other pen will work for this, too. Rearranging the pen (feeders, waterers,

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