Do You Need Toys for Chickens?

Professionals agree chickens need enrichment. Keeping your flock healthy, either for egg or meat production or companionship, is most likely your primary goal. Maintaining healthy chickens is a process that includes many …

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When, Why and How to Deworm Chickens

Most chickens have worms of one sort or another, and an otherwise healthy chicken can tolerate a modest worm load. A heavy worm load, however, can impair a chicken’s immune …

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Respiratory Distress in Chickens

By Wendy E.N. Thomas, New Hampshire Abnormal breathing in a chicken could mean the bird is hot, scared or it might mean that the bird has a respiratory disease. The average respiratory rate …

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Coop Blueprints 9/6—The Efficiently Heated Chicken Coop
February 20, 2019 · · Coops

Having grown up farming, Dennis and Dianna Westphal were no strangers to the joys of raising chickens. After 20 years or so without them, Dennis decided in the spring of 2013 to build a …

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